Frequently Asked

All your possible questions and queries addressed right here!
  • 1. Which services does Kalm provide?

    Kalm connects households with their ideal household professionals easily and transparently. We provide cooks, cleaners, maids, drivers, professionals, nannies, and other household professionals needed.

  • 2. Can I ask the professional to do other tasks?

    Before the placement of the professional, you have to share a complete job description of the work and decide on the salary. You cannot make the professional do anything outside the job description nor reduce the salary.

  • 3. How can I hire a household professional with Kalm?

  • 4. Do the professionals bring supplies and equipment?

    No. You have to provide all the supplies and equipment required to complete the tasks. Our professionals, however, bring their apron, gloves, and masks.

  • 5. What are your working hours and days?

    Office Hours: We operate from 10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday. Service Hours: 7 am to 10 pm.

  • 6. Which areas do you offer your services to?

    We offer this service across Karachi, however, currently focusing on DHA, Clifton, and KDA.

  • 7. Are the Kalm professionals liable to get a break during work, and if yes, for how long?

    We strongly recommend a break of 15 minutes after the first 2 hours of work. This will ensure that our professionals can work effectively and serve you well. The total booking time is inclusive of these break times.

  • 8. Are we allowed to tip the professionals?

    Tipping is entirely optional for the customer.

  • 9. How will the professionals reach my place?

    Our team reaches the destination themselves. The customer is not required to provide pick and drop (unless they live in a gated community where our professionals cannot reach).

  • 10. What is your replacement policy?

    The professional sent for replacement cannot be offered lower service charges than the first professional. Also, the job description or work required to do by the professional remains unchanged.
    If you wish to release the professional or the professional leaves the job and you wish to take a replacement, you need to clear the dues of the previous professional before a replacement is sent.
    In case the service charges of the previous professional are not cleared, Kalm will not send a replacement
    Suppose the professional is absent because of being unwell or a family emergency. In that case, no replacement will be given if the professional promises to join back as soon as healthy and fit to work.
    If the professional does not join back within 10 days, you can ask us for a replacement. The complete replacement policy is proved when signing the service agreement.

  • 11. What is your refund policy?

    For bookings of services, with the payment made/agreed in advance, if the professional does not show up for the job or the booking is canceled by Kalm or its professionals for any reason, then the amount will be credited into the customer’s account or will be used and/or adjusted for the next booking of services.

  • 12. How do I place a booking?

    You can make a booking through our website, Kalm App, or call center.

  • 13. Do you provide packages for part-time and full-time professionals?

    Yes. We provide packages for both part-time and full-time (24/7) professionals tailored per customer requirement.

  • 14. When do I make the payment?

    All charges and Kalm fees are due immediately and required to be settled < 5 working days post billing date.
    Payment will be facilitated by Kalm using the preferred payment method as mutually agreed, after which Kalm will send/ give you a receipt.

  • 15. What are the available payment methods?

    We have the following online payment options:
    1. Cash
    2. Credit/Debit Card
    3. IBFT

  • 16. How to make an IBFT payment?

    You can make the transaction on the following account details:
    Bank: Meezan Bank Ltd.
    Account Title: Kalm
    Account Number: 9925-01015203808
    When you make the transaction, please put as the beneficiary email address and send us a screenshot of the receipt at for confirmation.

  • 17. Do you run any background checks?

    Before onboarding, we background check and Nadra-verify all our professionals. Once enrolled, we provide necessary training and assess their skill. We aim to match you with the right fit from our pool of candidates while always considering your household’s unique requirements. Once a candidate is successfully placed, we offer to conduct police biometric registration as well.

  • 18. How do you ensure the safety and health of the professionals considering the current situation?

    You and your loved ones’ safety is important to us. In these times, we have strict SOPs for health and safety as advised by WHO, such as:
    • Wearing a mask, gloves and washing hands once they enter a customer’s house
    • Following social distancing norms

  • 19. What do I need to do before the professionals arrive?

    While we have stringent security checks in place for all our professionals, we still instruct all our customers to keep their cash and valuables locked away when our professionals are working at their premises. Also, ensure that a female is present in the house if a female professional is coming.

  • 20. How do I give feedback for the professional/rate the professional?

    Daily, weekly, monthly! Our dedicated relationship team is just a call away for any feedback and improvement. We do reach out to clients periodically during the week as well monthly.

  • 21. What happens if I am not satisfied with the way something was done by the professional?

    We monitor every professionals’ performance on an ongoing basis via performance reports. We will re-train and re-test the professionals based on the customer's feedback. Further training is also organized if required by clients.

  • 22. How do I register a complaint?

    You may drop us an email at or just call one of our assigned relationship managers. Our team will ensure that the complaint is resolved as soon as possible.

  • 23. If I do not want a specific professional, can I request not to send them?

    Yes. As mentioned above and in detail in the replacement section of T&Cs.;

  • 24. What if something is damaged or stolen by your professional?

    We instruct our customers to keep cash and valuables locked away when our professionals work at their premises. While we have stringent security checks in place for all our professionals, Kalm is not liable in case of theft or loss.